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Management and Consulting Services to assist in your strategic growth including.

Property Acquisition

Ownership or rights over a real estate property consultation

Property Physical Review

Property valuation and / or conditions services

Management Analysis

Real estate management estimates and consultation

Marketing Analysis

Property current an future market value analysis 


You’ve just taken your first step to achieving your goals for improving your business operations.

We welcome your inquiry and will arrange to contact you within 24 hours and arrange to meet in person to discuss your business needs and plans.


Current, up-to-date and supported by years of success for our clients!

Financial Advise

Dynamic businesses demand expertise in forecasting, budgeting and planning to drive profitability and growth.  H&S brings this focus!

Market Analysis

Never static, always changing and up-to-date on market trends and forecasts!

Our skills & expertise

H&S brings a full service Management & Consulting team to the table. This enables our clients to step back from their current needs and look at the bigger long-range picture. Our team will prepare and present an in-depth look at both short-term issues and long-term growth strategies for the betterment of your business.

Commercial Property
Apartment Complexes

Some of our clients

Hands of business people analyzing charts and graphs

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